5 Bail Bonds Facts

If you’re arrested and put into jail, bail bond companies make getting out much faster and easier than you’d otherwise experience. Although no one anticipates a stint in jail, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. A little information can make a big difference in the overall experience. Read below to learn 5 important bail bonds facts that you may need if you’re arrested.

1- Available to Most People

Bail bonds are available to most people, regardless of their prior criminal history or the nature of the charge. Do keep in mind that most bonding companies prefer to work with larger bond amounts and oftentimes will not work with people who have Failure to Appear (FTA) charges.

2- A Lower Fee

When a bondsman is used to bond out of jail, the money you’ll spend to get released is considerably less than the amount you’d pay directly to the court. Bondsmen charge just 10% – 15% of the ordered bond amount.

3- No Two Bondsman are the Same

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When you want to make bail via a bonding company, do your homework first. No two companies are created the same and the service that you receive considerably varies from one provider to the next. Choose a licensed, experienced, bonded company that knows arkansas bail bond laws!

4- No Cash Bonds

If you don’t have the cash to bond out of jail but own property, such as a house, a farm, or car or jewelry, bonding agencies may allow you to make a property bond. Keep in mind that you forfeit your property if you fail to show in court.

5- Judge Determines Bail Amount

The bonding company does not control the amount of the bond; this is the judge’s work. Therefore, the bondsman cannot change the ordered bond amount, even if you are a few dollars short.